Works In Progress

Unfinished, but being worked on, the things I am currently focused on project-wise. Updates irregular, subject to change without notice.

(Last update: Sept. 9th '23)

So much to do, and so little time to do it. The idea that it will never end nearly as devistating as the knowledge that it must.


Where You Belong

Currently: Chapter 7 (draft)
Small town arc/Welcome to the Farfrozen: Broad outline done.
Character lists/relations: mapped, done.
Character lists/relations Overview: In Progress
Obsidian is a big help with this.
If you saw the chapter count jump suddenly, that's partly because I had initially miscounted my chapter numbers.
But also because I did finally finish a chapter draft.

Dog Days

Currently: I decided I hated it
Outline: Done.
No extra details, this one is very casual.
Up Next:
Completely re-draft chapter one.

Fan article: Clones + genetics, headcannons

Currently: Rough, approx 20%
Revision of an older Tumblr article, giving more trouble first expected
Managed to get through all clones but Ellie, should be easier now.
Update My original draft sucked and I was compelled to re-start from scratch
Up Next:
Not easier.


Color Stage


Sea Drake

Currently: Coloring approx 43%
Experimental, probably looks more done than it is.
The piece where I play with every filter Krita has.
Very much on the backburner
Up next:
More shading.

Sketch/Line stage



Currently: Inking
Sketch Phase:done
Pose practice: Unusual angles, motion, backgrounds
Worked on this less than I really wanted
Up Next:
Finish inking, I think I want to keep it black and white? Worried I'll bungle it if I try color.

Boy met girl

A spot of Saphire Swimming
Pose practice--people sitting, touching, background
Up Next:
The last digital piece turned out so well, I decided to opt for digital on this one, too.



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