Boy gets dumped in an alternate dimension where he must work with alternate versions of his friends and family to get home. This is complicated by the fact that his alternate selves perceive him as a monster.


Appreciating the people around you.


Danny is caught up in the misfire of one of his family's portal guns, which, critically, opens a portal inside the Fenton portal. This causes Danny to get dumped in an alternate version of the same portal. He notices the lab is larger and better organized, but only really realizes how different this reality is when he's attacked by his alternate self, who is a motorcycle riding ghost hunter with a pet owl and a huge fanbase. Danny only manages to escape complete obliteration, but it comes at the cost of outing himself to his alternate family. He somehow convinces them to not kill him, but is under close surveillance by the Fentons, more of a "keep your enemies closer" strategy than an actual truce as they try to figure out the implications of Alter-Danny's clone, and what to do about it. Meanwhile, Danny has gone to Clockwork (who is not the same clockwork as the one Danny knows,), who has said he can't send him back on the basis that he's the ghost of time, not space, and has no relation at all with alternate dimensions whatever.

Danny discovers that Alter-Danny has a very different friend group and living situation: He's bros with Dash and Kwan, dating Paulinia, and keeps Tucker around, but as more of a lacky than a friend. Sam rejects him vehiminantly, and has joined forces with Wes as the town's sole pair of ghost rights activists, and keep urging Tucker to join them, who reluctantly turns them down, as he still clings to the dregs of friendship they once had. Jazz, meanwhile, has taken the place of the under-appreciated sibling, as her interests in psychology are disregarded by her family in favor of ghost hunting. The relationship between ghosts and humans is significantly worse in this universe, as humans go out of their way to obliterate every ghost they see.

Danny, out of loneliness and isolation, starts making friends with the alternate versions of his companions, bringing together Tucker, Sam, Jazz, and Wes, who gradually start spending more and more time together. The loss of Tucker especially bothers Alter-Danny, as this forces him to confront just how much he's given away in exchange for his popularity, and Danny and Alter-Danny end up confronting each other over what Alter-Danny perceives as Danny stealing his life. Hurtful things are said, and this confrontation ends up blowing things up between everyone, as long withheld grievances are brought to light: Danny's feelings that his half ghost nature really did ruin his life generally, and his relations with his parents specifically (He envies Alter-Danny somewhat in that regard); The guilt Alter-Danny felt over starting the ghost portal, and how that paired with the sudden fame/getting the sense of belonging he'd always wanted and appreciation to become all consuming; Tucker's fear of being disregarded and left behind as a useless third wheel; Jazz being isolated from her own family; and Sam's embitterment and refusal to back down or apologize before the one she think has wronged her does it first. Everything explodes all at once, shattering the status quo between them all.

Around the same time, things go bad on the spectral front, as Vlad has managed to amass a ghost army filled with specrals the Fentons have either wronged or harmed, and uses them as a tool to assault Amity and kidnap Maddie. The Fenton family, Danny, Alter-Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz all have to work together to repel the attack and Vlad. Alter-Danny and Danny make up, The Alter-Fentons finally admit they might be wrong about ghosts (one of the ghosts Sam was nice to defects from Vlad's side during the fight?), and finally give Danny access to their own portal gun, which had been locked away from him in the weapons vault before then, using the portal-into-the-portal trick to get back to his version of the lab.

When he gets home, the first thing Danny does is cook something for Jazz, who has been overworked trying to deal with Danny's secret, the Fenton's naturally hectic lives, and her own studies. They discuss the stress she has in her own life, and when asked why he was so suddenly concerned about these matters, Danny awkwardly stutters out that he only just realized how important it was to not only appreciate those around him, but also make sure those persons knew they were appreciated in a way that mattered. Jazz is touched, and they hug. She assures him that if she ever feels like he's not appreciating her enough, she'll just call his girlfriend to beat him up. Danny replies that Sam is not his girlfriend, to which Jazz points out that she never actually specified that she was talking about Sam.



Hook and Beginning

Inciting incident



First Turning point

NOTE:Danny has been trying and failing to grab the thermos with Cujo in it the whole time.

  • As the day winds down, Alter-Danny gets distracted with his other friends, Danny gets his first chance to really hang out with Tucker, and though Tucker is initially put off by him (Tucker is spiritually sensitive,) they start to get along, chatting about doomed, then moving on to Alter-Danny and his friendship with Tucker, which is obviously no longer as close as it once was. Tucker describes himself as "tech support," and rejects the idea that he could ever fight ghosts for real. Around this time, the ghost alarms go off.
  • Confronting antagonist forces:









    First pinch point

    POV Danny

    (failed GIW experiment, Damages pillars, GZ seeps in, Alter-Danny accused of conspiring with ghosts, town turns against him)



      1. sneak into Fentonworks, get as many weapons as possible.

      2. Danny and Cujo attack the front, while Alter-Danny and Sam (Alter-Danny wanted to go alone, he was refused) sneak through the patrols.

      3. Jazz mans their escape vehicle - ideally the GAV, if they can get it, and Wes mans the comms and maintains communication.

      4. Once Danny and Sam rescue Tucker, Maddie, and Jack, they will rejoin with Danny and Cujo, who will then beat a fighting retreat to the GAV, after which they are to drive off to..somewhere. None of the group is really sure.

    **Danny turning people invisible won't work, since the GIW have the same kind of ghost detectors the Fentons do, so their options for stealth are limited. This is why they opt for the split-the-enemy approach.

    (This only works if thermoses=full/broken/lost) ++ (Have Spooky killed for extra Alter-Danny stress + Return as ghost at later date??)









    POV Tucker:


    Second pinch point

    Second turning point

    Resolving conflict