Why Maddie Hates Ghosts

POV Alicia:

  1. Maddie makes a new friend, but doesn’t want to show her to anybody else. Said friend is shy

  2. Alicia is jealous at first, leading to an argument between herself and Maddie

  3. Alicia does manage to spy on Maddie and her new friend “Julie.” She is only able to spot Maddie talking to someone beyond her range of vision, her face illuminated by a soft glow.

  4. The glow vanishes, Maddie is alerted to Alicia’s presence, and Maddie yells at her for scaring “Julie” off.

  5. Things begin to go wrong, objects have been breaking/going missing for a while now, but the trouble escalates. Maddie, as the only person who could be responsible for such things, is blamed.

  6. Alicia overhears Maddie having a fight with something that speaks in a language of howling wind and creaking beams. The next day, Maddie declares she and Julie are no longer friends.

  7. Things get even worse for Maddie, being blamed at home and at school for increasingly destructive occurrences. Maddie stays silent, Alicia notices her anger.

  8. Alicia wakes up to find Maddie walking around in the middle of the night. She confronts her a third time, refusing to leave. Maddie finally capitulates.

  9. Maddie cajoles Julie out of hiding, (Being friends with Alicia?) saying she’ll be friends forever, with Julia alone, just like she wanted, but only if Julie can catch both Maddie and Alicia in a game of tag.

  10. They run, with Maddie guiding the way.

  11. At the very end, Alicia gets possesed, and is forced to watch her own body chase after Maddie.

  12. Maddie has been preparing, however, and makes it to “base”, which is a bottle tree designed for trapping ghosts, which she had been working on for a while now.

  13. Alicia and Maddie hug it out, being both exalted and afraid. Alicia says she hopes they never encounter anything like that again. Maddie says she hopes no one ever gets hurt by anything like that again.

  14. When the moon casts a beam through the bottles, the silhouette of a doll can be seen in every one, writhing in an effort to escape.

Polaroid Prophet

Wes steals a haunted camera from ghost

camera shows what a person looks like at the moment/ just before their death.

Wes brings this to the attention of the A-listers, and they proceed to fool around with it, taking photos of themselves/others while Wes hassles then to either give it back or take a photo of Fenton, which is the reason he stole it in the first place

ghost shows up, and proceeds to chase Wes down as he calls him a thief. Most of the other A-listers follow, either to run themselves or to help out the ghost, just for giggles.

Dash stays behind, picking up one of the photos that had been dropped.

It turns out, the camera had managed to catch Danny in a photo, where he appears much younger than his current age, no more than fourteen or so, in a goofy black and white Hazmat suit.

huh, weird.”


Xmas truce:

Introduction:Danny and his father arrive at the family house, and meet his folks

  1. They are goaded into solving an old haunting supposedly plaguing the family mansion. They agree to spend the night in the haunted room.

    1. David, the main host, has called a small family get-together to show off what he inherited, recieve free help converting the old place into an upscale bed and breakfast.

    2. The mansion has ghost wards all over it, preventing Danny from using his powers.

  2. Rising action: Danny and Jack find the spirit (not a ghost,) but they scare her off when she realizes she’s being watched. Jack is enthusiastic, Danny, realizing that this won’t be so easy, is not.
      1. Danny figures out who the ghost is by finding her picture

  3. The next night, they manage to follow her all the way to a sealed wall.

  4. On the third night, with Danny’s help, they make it through the wall, and wait for the lady ghost. She arrives, and weeps over a spot of concrete.

  5. Climax: The next day they break into the spot, and discover a well that had been sealed over, and in that well, was the body of a mother with her arms still gripping a bundle of swaddling. The bones inside had long since decayed.
      1. Child and mother were acting as batteries for the ward.

  6. Jack’s family reveal they intended to send Jack and Danny on a ghost hunt as a prank, and are very, very unhappy to discover there were a pair of bodies in the well.

"The power in their ectoplasm, like the batteries in his fathers gun, like his own core, utterly nullified, ineffective and inert.”

(--Jack thought ghost would be small)

Tucker Foley: Final Girl


Chapter outline (basic)