X middle school has been plagued by a series of crimes, ghosts have been reported walking the halls, and Filmore and Ingrid are tied up trying to keep track of the new charity case, infamous bad boy Danny Fenton.

Danny Fenton, sent to X middle school as an embarrassing punishment, must face the fact that he is out-cooled in several ways by a pair of hall monitors, one of whom is bald.


  1. Plot Point 1

  • Danny’s ghost sense goes off again, but it takes him a while to shake Filmore and Ingrid. By the time he gets there, the ghost is already causing problems. Danny tries to confront him, but the other ghost flees, just in time for Ingrid and Filmore to find Danny amidst the destruction.

  • Danny, Filmore, and Ingrid are taken back to the principle’s office for reprimand. Filmore and Ingrid for failing to watch over a known troublemaker, and Danny for being that troublemaker.

  • Danny tries to protest, but is silenced, Filmore manages to settle things down by cuffing himself to Danny, making a promise he won’t let Danny get away from him again.

  • Danny walks out with Filmore complaining that this is absurd. Ingrid points out via cell-phone text that this stuff was happening before Danny came, and Filmore states that Even if Danny didn’t start it, he was involved, and that he was only involved in the first place due to his lack of respect for the rules and other people.

  • There is an awkward moment where Danny realizes Filmore has no intention of uncuffing him just because school is out. Filmore’s plan to drag Danny to his house is foiled when Ingrid abandons him and Danny takes advantage of his greater size and ghost strength to drag him to his own place.

  • Danny tries to ignore the twelve year old he is physically tied to, while Filmore tries to get a handle on his latest charge. The “I was just like you, once” speech goes badly, and Filmore learns that Danny does try to do his homework, and genuinely has problems with it. His suggestion to seek help is met with sarcasm and pointed comments about how helpful everyone at school was before, even when he tried to explain. Danny also reiterates that he wasn’t the one who broke things that day, but refuses to explain who, what, why or how.

  • Plotpoint 2.2: Filmore notes the black hair dye, but doesn’t quite know what to make of it.

  • The two go to bed frustrated with each other, but somewhat less judgmental.
    1. Pinch 1

  • Plotpoint 2.3: Danny has to die his hair at the moment, due to the white that has started to form in patches in his hair, which he has to re-apply every time he goes ghost. A call from Sam (Who lent him her extra special, extra gothic dye)

  • Danny, filmore, and ingrid manage to drive the ghost out without Danny being forced to change to his ghost half in part thanks to the fact that the other ghost is still weak. With Halloween drawing close, Danny knows he will not only regain power, but peak above his normal levels very soon. A problem, since the ghost had openly threatened to ruin the halloween party and destroy X middle school as a whole.

  • The school is in chaos, but Ingrid and Filmore at last believe Danny when he says he didn’t do it. Filmore finally acquiesces and unhooks Danny from the cuffs.
    1. Midpoint

    1. Pinch 2
    1. Plot Turn 2
    1. Resolution