Ghost Freak Vs. Phantom

Danny Phantom vs Ghost Freak


digital art (krita)


One of my earlier forays into digital art, and the first digital piece I ever found the gumption to post publiclly. The lack of (good) Danny Phantom/Ben 10 crossovers always struck me as a bit of a travasity, especially with all the implications Ghost Freak would have in regards to the DP universe.

(Like most fans, I disregard the whole "ghosts aren't dead people" bit that both the show and its creator tried to push later on.)

The idea of the Ghost Zone existing across the entire universe, or what would happen if it fully merged with the living realm in some places, is just absolutely never explored. Which is a shame, since that could be a very easy explanation for why Ghost Freak's people are so different from DP style ghosts. Other fun to explore explanations could be that they are refugees who fled the zone during Pariah's reign, mutated after ages, and eventually collapsed into a brand new tyranny under ghost Freak, or that they are a different, much reviled subtye of ghost, who were purged the same way halfas were in ages past.

Either way, Danny would be able to nerd out about aliens, Ben could have a new friend/enemy (depending on how you want to play it) to be a hero with, and Phantom could get into an epic fight with Ghost Freak somewhere along the way.

seriously, I wish more people would bring the Tennysons to Amity, it would be such a ride.