Vintage Jack

Jack Fenton in vintage clothes Back


digital (Krita), painted over a paper sketch.


One of only two peices meant to depict what the Danny Phantom universe would look like circa 1890-1910 (roughly Edwardian, I think, but don't quote me on that.) The general idea for Jack in this universe was that of a poor boy made good, a son of hardcore, rural protestants who managed to get an education and a girl (Maddie) way above his station, settling down to sell his anti-spector technology and conduct research alongside his wife.

I really like the idea of an AU set in this time period in part because this was a golden age in regard to paranormal enthusiasm. Seances, parapsychology, and ghost photography were all new, exciting, and popular around this time, and guys like the Fentons would have had a chance at mainstream recognition and fame in a way the modern day would never allow.

They probably wouldn't get it, of course, but the potential would be there, y'know?

It's been a while since I did an iota of research for this, and would probably need a refresher if I ever came back to it.