The Big Guns

Valerie Grey with a very large gun Back


Digital (Krita)


I think because I'm writing a fanfic about her, I tend to think of Valerie Grey a lot. While I don't personally ship Grey ghost myself, I can absolutely see the appeal. It's rare for a character who appears so rarely in cannon to show such obvious leading lady material, but Valerie pulls it off.

This was an excercise to see what my standard style would look like with colored lines taking the place of solid black outlines. End result was not bad at all - and worked especially well for her armor. I do wish the gun she's wielding didn't look like it was a styrofoam model floating just behind her shoulder (the original reference featured a woman with a pistol, and I failed to adjust the pose for a weightier weapon,) and I could have posed that bent leg better all the way around, but by and by large, it's not the worst.