a snarky wolfman


Painted ink, with some pen based for the tighter, darker blacks.

I wish the site I use for image storage would stop uploading these things sideways. I'm certain I take the pictures right-side up, but I must be hitting a height limit of some kind, so it gets flipped when I try to upload.

The thing about ink, it's just stupid permanent. Whatever you do, you must either accept it and move on, or ackowledge that it's ruined and discard the work. I have yet to find corrective fluid that doesn't mess up the color and texture somehow, and erasers? Forget it, you may as well rip it out.

I had to discard a different, multiday project after to going to far with the inks just a little bit ago, in fact, which is probably a factor in why I ended up sticking this two and a half hour sketch book squiggle where the public could see. I had made something, in a medium I love but am bad at. Completeing things like this means something to me, I guess, and I wanted to share.

As per usual, I see a lot of mistakes: The left side of the face doesn't really match the right, I think, and the execution of the teeth turned out sloppy. Mostly, I'm just glad the inks aren't a total mess, which is what happens 99% of the time when I try to add both color and tone. I think it helps that I've recently swapped from sumi-e to caligraphy ink, which lacks that varnish-like shine and seems to blend a little bit better with my color inks just as a whole.

I know I do a lot of headshots, and I am a bit sorry about that--heads are the most interesting parts of the figure for me, so that's what I tend to skip to when I'm looking to doodle something fun and quick. If I upload something like this again, I may try for different angle or a full-body pose or something, just to keep some variety to the posts.

Wolfman insperation credited to Teen Wolf, the animate cartoon series from 1986, not the live action with all the angst, which I paced through while I did some mindless grinding for one of my games. IMO it's kind of fun? Cringe everywhere, but Scott's dedication to his family is unexpectedly sweet. Styles needs a second character trait that isn't "money grubbing sleeze", or at least some kind of justification as to why he and Scott hang out, and I flat out can't remember the platonic lady-friend's actual name. It's very dumb, and very 80's, but the wolf puns are solid and I'm having a good time.