Face To Face 2/2

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Digital art (Krita)


This piece has been giving me hell for nearly a year now, and probably would have given me hell even longer, had the author of the work this is fanart for not announced her fic was going to be finishing up very soon. Between that announcement and the realization that I would soon be in a place without access to my art program for at least a week, I knuckled down, acknowledged that it would probably never be perfect, and spent the next three? Days going gangbusters trying to finally get this thing done.

In the end, it came down closer to the wire than I really prefer--I think I posted it on Tumblr around one or two AM-- and I'm still deeply unhappy with some of the tones, generally, and all of panel one, in particular. I don't hate the circular composition, but something about it feels off, or messy.

In the end, the recepiant liked it, and considering that this was a gift, that's the most important bit.

That said, I think it's going to be a while before I make something so incredibly green.