Oceanic Ghost Zone diver Back


Digital (Krita)

Yet another entry to my collection of "It's not perfect, but it'll have to do." Which, if I'm being honest, seems to be all I can draw these days. I must sound repetitive by this point, but I need to keep saying it: Something imperfect is better than nothing, especially when you're doing it for fun.

thinking of fun, this was something of a self challenge/study that I decided to make more entertaining by turning it into fanart. Lighting has always been a weakness for me, as has depth, texture, and perspective. Since I can't fix everything all at once, I decided to focus on trying for a stark, underwater ray of light, and how that singular light source would interact with stuff around it.

Trying to give it that underwater feel was a challenge, and I ended up with about thirty layers? Maybe more, as I struggled to get that stark, murky feel. I also tried to avoid doing much in the way of undersketching--this was made with a pretty bare bones outline, with a big focus on building simple blocks of color into more complex shapes. I worry about how loose and messy this technique can be, but damn, it's fun to do.

Another slightly different thing I tried with this was focusing on using the "multiply" and "lighten" screens in the Krita program, as opposed to my usual technique of picking a color off the wheel and shading by eye. I saw the idea of going from base color-->multiply-->lighten-->details as needed in a Youtube video, and decided to give it a go.

While I think I might've overcomplicated things somewhere in there, overall? I really like it. Making shadows via multiply is really nice. So nice, in fact, I'm pretty sure this was one of those things I really should have picked up or learned a while back.

Because this was more a practice piece and a chance to blow off steam from a different thing I've been working on, I don't have much of a story for this one. I sort of imagine it's a spot of concentrated ectoplasm, a Ghost Zone version of those deep water brine pools that kill everything that swims into them. This is also my excuse for why the enviroment is so boring. I totally didn't just forget that the Ghost Zone is supposed to have floating purple doors, no sir, that's worldbuilding.

In all seriousness, I do regret not including something to make it clear that this isn't just a glowing green ocean. I did try to intigrate some doors into the rock at one point--I thought it would be cool to imply that old, ghostless doors could compress into supernatural limestone, but it didn't work out. I had a similar issue with some giant, beat up doors sticking out of the ground: I was pretty far into my design, and just couldn't find a good spot to put them.

In retrospect, I probably should have switched out those random columns for something Danny Phantom related. A broken statue of Pariah Dark with ruined doors swirling around his head and into the dark maybe, or a weird giant sea creature peering down at Danny as he's diving in.

Ideas for later, I suppose.

As for Danny, don't worry, he's a halfa. A little shower to wash off the concentrated undeath, and he'll be fine. Halfas are sturdy like that.